Absolute Chimney & Fireplace

Fireplaces or heating stoves cause approximately 4,000 home fires yearly. As the months become colder and the nights are longer, wood or pellet-burning stoves keep our homes toasty. Using these can save hundreds on your electricity bill. However, without proper maintenance, they can become a fiery nightmare. Using chimney services near me, such as Absolute Chimney Services in Pennsylvania and South Jersey, can protect your home from costly fires.
Yearly Inspections

Inspecting your stoves, fireplace, or chimney is critical in late summer or early fall. Missing or broken bricks or chips in the foundation can damage your home. Additionally, your chimney could have nests or built-up dirt or debris. The experts from Absolute Chimney Services near me can inspect your fireplace or stove, check the structure of the chimney, and even inspect your dryer vents. Selling or buying a home also requires an inspection.

Chimney Cleaning and Part Replacement

There are several parts inside your chimney that you need to clean or replace. You have linings, the flue, the cap, and the crown. During the spring and summer months, birds or rodents may also make their home in your chimney. Removing these pesky creatures and cleaning the chimney of caked-on soot and grime is essential. Absolute Chimney Services near me can complete these tasks, repair any breaks or cracks in the chimney, and clean your dryer vent to prevent devastating fires.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Approximately 16,000 fires occur annually from dryers. It is one of the leading causes. Every time you use the dryer, you should clean the lint drawer. However, sometimes the debris can get sucked up into the dryer hose. It is essential to call a professional such as Absolute Chimney Services near me to clean the dryer hose properly. Once the buildup starts, your clothes may not dry properly, and the back of the machine may be hot to the touch. Absolute Chimney Services near me have dedicated technicians to ensure fires do not occur.

Call Absolute Chimney Services near me at (215) 526-8482 to set up an appointment. You can visit their website to view their services or look for special deals. Hiring a professional today ensures your fireplace, stove, and chimney are safe this winter season!