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Do you use a fireplace or a wood/pellet stove? Does it save you hundreds annually on your electricity bill? Are you proactive in maintaining your heating source? Around 25k homes catch fire yearly because of chimney problems. Are you protected? Do you know if your chimney is well-maintained? Absolute Chimney Service serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia, and South Jersey can inspect and complete any chimney repairs near me. What are the most common chimney repairs near me?

Chimney Flashing

The flashing on a chimney is a waterproof seal around your chimney on your roof. This seal is to protect against leaks coming in from rain, snow, or ice. After a while, this seal will become damaged or worn. If you notice a leak from around that area, don’t be alarmed that your roof is leaking. More often than not, it will be the seal that has broken. Absolute Chimney Service is a chimney repair near me company that has the experience to reseal your chimney quickly before it damages your ceiling.

Cracks or Damage

Do you have storms that rattle your home? Does the rain sound like it is going to pierce your walls? Do you have wind that thrashes about? After solid weather, it is essential to check for any damage. You could look at your chimney to see if any cracks or broken bricks are present. If you are unsure or see the damage, call Absolute Chimney Service. Their experienced personnel can check the structure for damage or even hairline cracks. Chimney repairs near me are essential to use your fireplace or wood/pellet stove without worrying about smoke or fire.

Flue Liner

Most fireplaces or wood/pellet stoves have a flue liner. This tube runs through your chimney, carrying smoke and soot up your chimney directly. These are useful because it is a funnel path, so the debris doesn’t come back into the home. When these get torn or caked with soot, smoke, and debris can seep back into your house. This can lead to your family becoming ill or fires breaking out. Absolute Chimney Service is a chimney repair near me that can check and replace your flue liner. To find out more about their chimney services, go here.

Chimney Cap and Crown

The crown and cap on the chimney are at the very top of the structure. The crown is a cover over the top of the chimney. The cap goes on top, allowing smoke and debris to flow out of your home. These pieces also protect wildlife or flying debris from entering your chimney. It is vital to ensure these are always in tip-top shape, or more expense may occur, such as debris or wildlife removal.

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