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What is the cost to provide an estimate on my Chimney/Fireplace Repair?
There is no cost to you to have one of our expert technicians provide you an estimate. The best way to schedule an appointment to have your project inspected is to call us directly at in the Philadelphia area at 215-526-8482 or in the Pocono Mountain area at 570-325-8131, but you can ask us any question by using the contact form below as well.

Why Do I Need a Chimney Liner?
The majority of township firecodes require all chimneys to be properly Lined. Most masonry chimneys starting in the 1940’s were made with clay tiles, that line the inside of the chimney. Over time these tiles deteriorate or crack. This will leave gaps, allowing toxic carbon monoxide and possibly chimney fire sparks to escape through the cracks into the home, igniting a fire. When this happens, the chimney is no longer safe, and needs to be relined. Even the furnace and water heater will vent better and no more condensation issues.

What is the difference between Stanless Steel and Aluminum Liners?
Stainless steel chimney liners can be used in all types of installations and at any flue temperature; on the other hand, aluminum chimney liners can only be used in gas installations, at lower flue temperatures, and with less corrosive gases. Further, when dealing with wood stoves and wood burning inserts, only a stainless steel chimney liner can be used. This is because stainless steel is the only metal that can prevent wood exhaust or liquid creosote from seeping into the mortar; any other metal, such as aluminum, would corrode. Liquid creosote is capable of dissolving the binder, which can lead to breakage and fire. Stainless steel liners are best used in conjunction with wood stoves and/or fireplace inserts.

How much does a typical Chimney Repair Cost?
There is no such thing as a “typical repair”! Every Chimney or Fireplace is unique and presents different challenges. It all depends on the severity of the repair. Minor repairs can be as low as $50 where major full Chimney Rebuilds can be over $15,000. What we can tell you is that with Absolute Chimney, you will always be provided transparent reporting using video technologies (chimney camera) and be given multiple options. We will never do any work without your express written consent. For any project over $150, we do offer no-interest financing!

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