Absolute Chimney & Fireplace

Fireplaces and wood/pellet stoves are a fabulous addition to any household. You can save hundreds or even thousands on your heating cost a year. They give comfort and smell like winter. However, an expensive chimney repair may be in order if you do not maintain your fireplace or stove. Absolute Chimney Service in Newtown, PA, can maintain your fireplace or stove to save you from costly chimney repair services.


The first line of defense for any chimney repair is cleaning. When you choose a professional chimney sweep such as Absolute Chimney Service, they will note any damage they may see while cleaning your chimney, ducts, or vents. They can give you a detailed report on what needs to be addressed.
Checking for Blockage

If you notice excessive smoke bellowing in from your chimney, you could have some type of blockage. Additionally, a nest or other animals could lurk about if you hear noise or scratching. Absolute Chimney Service is an experienced company that can check your chimney, ducts, or vents and can remove pesky creatures. While they are exploring the problem, they could find some chimney damage you may not be aware of.


Experts recommend having an inspection of your fireplace or wood/stove at least once a year. If you are buying or selling a home, you may also choose to have your chimney or ducts inspected at that time. Inspections make sure your family is safe from fire or pest problems. Absolute Chimney Service can fix any issues quickly if you have chimney damage, such as masonry cracks, lining tears, or popped vents.

If you have an older home, you may need waterproofing sealant. Usually, this lasts between 15 to 20 years. In some areas, such as in excessive winds or coastal communities, the chimney may need a touchup sooner than 15 years. A professional company like Absolute Chimney Service can replace your sealant and check for chimney damage while on top of your roof.
Call (215) 526-8482 or visit Absolute Chimney Service’s website to check out their services and locations. You can get professional chimney repair at competitive prices. They offer cleaning, maintenance, inspections, and different types of restorations. Be toasty warm this winter season! Save hundreds annually by choosing the professional and friendly Absolute Chimney Service.